Over the years, SPRA has purchased several highly desired pieces of equipment that help support a variety of recreational experiences. SPRA rents out this equipment at reasonable rates to members and at an increased rate to nonmembers.

T-Shirt Launcher
NOT just for T-shirts! Sure you can launch T-shirts into the crowd for give a ways, but you can also launch rally towels, stuffed animals, mini-footballs and basketballs, nerf balls, stress balls, baseball caps, candy, coupons, etc. If you can fit it into the barrel then you can launch it out and that makes it much more exciting. Rental includes Launcher and two CO2 tanks. Our T-shirt launcher should not be used to launch anything that is hard or which might cause injury.

T-Shirt Launcher Rental Form

LCD Video Projector and Screen
​Host your own movie nights or Flick and Floats with a large 10 by 7 foot screen, projector, and speaker system. Easy to use and portable our blow-up screen requires stakes or sandbags to keep it steady. Electricity is necessary to keep screen inflated as well as for the projector and amplification system.

Video Projector and Screen Rental Form

15 by 15 Foot Bounce House
​Bring your event to a new level with this beloved attraction. 15 by 15 foot Bounce House rental includes the house, stakes, blower, and cart for moving the equipment. Sand bags required for indoor usage are not included but must be used.

Bounce House Rental Form

​Athletic Timing Equipment

​Available equipment: finish line clock & stand, LED split time clock, start/finish line equipment, 10 delineator posts w/ bases, pennant strings, START & FINISH feather flags w/ bases & cart for posts/bases.

Athletic Timing Equipment Rental Form

Please contact us for rentals and additional information.